Parent Rep (Mitchell Minor Hockey)

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Parent Rep Duties

The parent rep is a good all-around helper who communicates with the team to keep them up to date
and assists with administrative duties for the team.

Tasks performed by the parent rep include:

Creating a clock and jersey-washing schedule for team parents.

Collect bond cheques - Contact [email protected]

Collect tournament fees – Contact [email protected]

Look into hotel bookings for away tournaments and advise team of options/deadlines etc.

Keep up to date with the MMH website and send out reminders as needed. Example fundraising due, team pictures coming up etc.

The parent rep is also the go between coaches and parents for any complaints -

The “24 hour rule” is to be followed if an issue arises. (ie. Coaching staff) Protocol is for the parent to contact the Parent Rep after 24 hours then the Parent Rep will contact the coach to set up a meeting between the Parent Rep, parent and the coach. If there is a complaint of abuse the parent should contact the Parent Rep immediately. The Parent Rep should advise the President immediately when there is a complaint of abuse.